Our company provides a full production cycle

As well as a high production capacity, today GrafArt is one of the few printing companies that can boast a full production cycle. That means we are able to carry out any type of standard printing within our company. This solution allows us to drastically reduce costs, and makes our company extremely flexible and efficient.

GrafArt boasts two brand new Meccanotecnica gathering and sewing lines, with 8 and 20 stations, which are able to serve in continuity a Muller Martini Akoro binding machine that can produce up to 20,000 volumes a day.
Our other equipment includes 2 stapling lines with 4 and 6 stations (also Muller Martini) used in the production of brochures, catalogues and magazines, and four Heidelberg Stahlfolders.

Our in-house binding department is one of the strong points of our company, as it guarantees a reduction of production times, as well as those of quality control of the printing refinement processes. These are two delicate points if entrusted to outside suppliers.

We also have an in-house laminating process, thanks to our Heidelberg Autobond 105 TPHS station. This applies the protective plastic film (glossy or matte) to any type of cover or internal page.