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Our machine park: 
1  Heidelberg XL 106, 5 colors  70×100 printing machine;
1  Heidelberg XL 106, 4 colors  70×100 printing machine; 
1  Heidelberg AUTOBOND 70×100 laminating machine.
In the printing machines, the varnishing process is carried out at the oven stage with ecologic and water-based solutions. Moreover, each machine is equipped with automatic plate loading and eletronic colour profiling.

These state-of-the-art machines are the core of our company. They allow us to minimize start-up times and to carry out immediate chromatic corrections at any phase of production.

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of ovens at the exit-point of each machine, the ink drying stage is very quick, as is the passage to the binding department.

This is the definition of excellence: highly technological machines combined with the expertise of our technical staff. Professionalism and technology are the perfect combination to generate perfect prints.